Just Do It!

Nineteen days ago I made the executive decision to start a blog. To be honest, this ‘ambition’ had been lurking at the back of my mind for so long it had become a bit of a nightmare. So, backed by the support and an almost physical shove by some of my ‘correct’ pallies (pals+allies= friends), Nono says… was born.

That was two weeks and five days ago.

This was supposed to be my unspoken, unwritten New Year’s resolution. But nah wah o, it’s been hard, gosh! Three days after launching the site, I’ve only managed to write an ‘about me’ page and ‘the journey starts here’. Fact is, the nightmares have got worse. I must confess, the thought of turning on my computer these days has left me swallowing hard. I have written and lined out a truck load of blog content in my head, but when I hold a pen and paper, yes I am old fashioned- I still  write on paper first before typing out, I freeze. The words just don’t come out.

Anyway, that’s the past now. I’ve decided to start on a new page. I’m making a new New Year’s resolution. I’m taking this blogging thing seriously from now on. So every evening when I get back from work; tired, feeling like I’ve carried my VW polo the 10 miles journey back home, preferring to take a long nap into tomorrow rather than follow up this new found hobby, I will sit in front of my computer and write something, anything. I will ‘just do it’. Then on Saturday and Sunday of that week, I shall post some content on this here blog.

Fingers crossed!

So all ye supporters and fans of Nono says… watch this space. Mwah!

Good old days start with good new days like today- Denise Settle

Published by Nono Okpala

There are two of us running this blog (www.nonosays.com). Myself, Nono and the ever confident 'village rambo'- Obiageliakunna Okpala (Oby). So, we are two different 'voices', two different mindsets (I 'fink') but the same physical appearance-ish. No, we are not twins. Hopefully our readers can tell us apart sometime in the future. I'll be writing more on the family, friendship and choices sections of this blog, Oby might chip in sometimes, but she will be taking on mostly the 'Village Rambo' section- click click click on the menu and see what she says. She is the joker, I'm the serious one who sticks a verse from Proverbs 6:10 over her bed stead whilst asleep (now you'll need to open the Bible to find out what the verse says....lol). We hope you get to enjoy reading our rant. Catch us if you can :-)

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