The truth of the matter…

I just can’t help but laugh in Igbo. Yes, I laugh at myself, for all the promises broken, all the hopes dashed, all the sleepless nights that I have invested nothing into, for all the ‘shoulda’, ‘woulda’, ‘coulda’s that have dotted the free times of my every days.

I can clearly remember, all my enthusiasm in the moments while I wrote my last post, Just Do It!. Yeah, it has been a while. Then I ended the content with a promise to write more and publish over the weekends, followed by that familiar phrase of uncertainty that gushes its way out of my mouth when I probably won’t do something, but at the moment, I’d rather not mention, for fear of reprisal by my sensible other me. Oh, the phrase? ‘Fingers crossed!’

That was a while ago. a lot has happened in the time between 19th January and 9th May, 2016. I’ve had crazy ideas, worked on some of them, chucked the rest into the bin, I took some time off work, did I mention I was preggers? no I didnt…..haha, exciting (that’s another story), I’ve spent some good time with the kids, we started growing our very own vegetable garden, turned the family room into a workshop for everything, I’ve been tutoring the kids at home, I started reading about 4 books at once and not gone past page 2 of any and err, I have actively begun my minimalist journey. I’ll try to write up on some of these in . It has been a full on four months. Yet, I think I have achieved little.

The truth of the matter?

Well, while I’ve struggled with the guilt of not keeping my promise to write more, I must confess, ‘it’s not easy maaaahn‘- Chai! Some things always have a habit of cropping up and then I imagine that I just have to deal with them else the world will come to an end, slowly melting away into vast nothingness. I mean what has writing up blog content got to do with planning an early dinner? Yes, this really happened. Once I woke up at 6 in the morning, fired up, I rushed through a few house chores. The plan was to write about 200 words from 7 am, then suddenly I had this inexplicable urge to open a recipe book and plan Monday’s dinner. That was the end of writing for the day. I spent the entire time thinking of whether to substitute sweet potatoes with plantain (which I obviously didn’t have) in beans.

I’ve been through worse still.

Now, let’s get back to the round table and discuss the truth of the matter. If you are like me, you’ve had something waiting to be done, a hobby you’ve always wanted to get better at, that job application form laying to waste on your laptop whilst deadline approaches, a skill you hope to develop someday, a blog you started but haven’t quite gotten round to writing in or that something something you’ve always pushed aside to tackle later, I implore you to get on with it. They say time waits for no man. I agree! Here are a few tips I think will help. I’ll probably be doing these at the same time as you reading.

  1. It is 5 am already, but wake up sleepy head. That last scratch at sleep is probably the best, but that’s the best time to do some good work too.
  2. Turn off the TV. You’ve been at it for hours already, glued to the tube….c’mon! I am so anti-TV series. I think it is a ploy to get people more attached to their TV sets or tablets.
  3. Tune down the social networking. It is absolutely ridiculous how social networking, yeah all the facing booking, twittering, snappy chatting (whatever that is) has taken the place of real life interactions. There’s really nothing wrong in social networking to be honest, but the time spent on it completely destroys the whole idea for me. I’d say, it’s better to do some good work for yourself first, then take a few moments off to make phone calls, meet with friends, spend quality time with loved ones, then GET BACK TO WORK!
  4. Don’t overwork yourself, its kills all the fun. Rest when you need to, eat well and try to enjoy what you do. It work/task shouldn’t be a chore, you should have fun whilst at it.

I’ve run out of ideas now. You know what, I think it’ll be good to hear what tips anyone else has tried that worked. I’ll add more if I think of anything good and I’ll be sure to highlight what tips have worked best for me.

Nono out!

Published by Nono Okpala

There are two of us running this blog ( Myself, Nono and the ever confident 'village rambo'- Obiageliakunna Okpala (Oby). So, we are two different 'voices', two different mindsets (I 'fink') but the same physical appearance-ish. No, we are not twins. Hopefully our readers can tell us apart sometime in the future. I'll be writing more on the family, friendship and choices sections of this blog, Oby might chip in sometimes, but she will be taking on mostly the 'Village Rambo' section- click click click on the menu and see what she says. She is the joker, I'm the serious one who sticks a verse from Proverbs 6:10 over her bed stead whilst asleep (now you'll need to open the Bible to find out what the verse We hope you get to enjoy reading our rant. Catch us if you can :-)

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