Carrots, Beans and Lettuce seeds

My first new found hobby, gardening, has gone really well. Since sowing our first seeds of carrots, green beans and lettuce, its been a great time of learning about seasons and how to prepare the soil, plant nursery and transplanting. Great!

At the end of September we had our second harvest, a lot bigger than the first one. This time, the carrots came through, and more lettuce. For someone who had never grown a bean stalk for more than 4 days in the past, I think I’ve done very well. Of course, I mustn’t forget all my helpers, the kids for telling me when there was a slug feeding on our green leaves, Cristina for all the lessons on gardening, learned from precious grandma, for watering the plants and all the lovely pictures.

A few weeks ago, I harvested the bean seeds from their dry pods which had been saved for sowing next season…..and yesterday, my first lettuce seeds were picked, ready for planting next March. It’s been an amazing vegetable planting journey. A journey whose reward has not been measured by how much food was produced, I got just a bowl full of carrots and beans and a handful of lettuce, but by how much fulfilment gained from growing food.

I recommend gardening for relaxation after a stressful day, for winding down from work, for bonding with family, for learning something new, for getting a bit of fulfilment and getting to say to oneself, ‘hey, I done real good’.

From May till now

So my last post was in May.

A lot has happened in my life since then, as would be expected. I’m assuming the average everybody else  would have had a fair deal of experiences  within the last five months too. So in hope that I’ll be covering a multitude of unwritten and unpublished posts which would have been put up during the past five month period, here is my almighty diary of what I’ve been up to from May till now.

  1. In April (yes I know it’s before May), we started a vegetable garden, the kids and I. It started out as a child’s play thing. We had taken a walk to the grocery shop, then pound land, then we got talking about growing carrots and I thought, ‘hm, this would be a good way to keep them busy over the Easter holidays and perhaps make them responsible for a project’. I bought some compost, a few carrot seeds, and lettuce  seeds and green beans- cost me about £6. At home, we rummaged for some old biscuit tins and ‘voila’, we were getting muddy fingered already. Watch this space for how we got on.
  2. In May, my little man Sammy arrived….whoop whoop! Welcome sleepless nights and noisy days. I hadn’t realised how much I’d forgotten about caring for a baby. I had so many questions during those first few days- how long should he sleep during the day, I panicked when he slept for five hours straight and found myself trying to wake the little man up- ‘unbelievable’, how do I hold  him during bath time, how long should he feed for….? At the end, I got the hang of most of it, so we are trudging on.
  3. I think I slept through most of June.
  4. We harvested our beans and lettuces in July. It was just a few leaves and pods really, but the pride and fulfilment that came with that little harvest was immeasurable. They tasted….fresh too.
  5. I took up a new hobby in August- sewing. It all started when I decided to watch The Great British Sewing Bee on BBC. I’ve always had this belief that I can do anything when I set my mind and heart to it. Thanks to  Phillipians 4:13! First I dusted and oiled my old second hand unbranded sewing machine. Then I practised sewing on a straight line using old clothes. It took about a week and my mum’s help to get my full body measurement, I was my own model. I somehow got the hang of cutting out my patterns, then….
  6. In September I made my first dress. It was supposed to be for a friends birthday party and my first project looked quite good. Mum thought it was very well done for a first try….yippee! The rest of September saw me planning new sewing projects, trying to cook up new menus in the kitchen and I harvested more of my vegetables.
  7. Oh wow, it’s October already! I read my first book since last September. Yes, believe it or not, I haven’t been able to read a book since I found out I was pregnant last year and five months after having my baby. That’s another story. But last night, the curse of the brain block was shifted and I finished a book I started reading last week- The Fishermen by Chigozie Obioma. I highly recommend. Be warned though, have a good chunk of tissue paper to sniff into whilst you are at it, but it will be worth your while.
  8. Still in October, I started weight training. Absolutely unbelievable! You’ll hear more about this.
  9. Guess what! For the one hundred and fifty fifth time (or so), I’ve decided to write a book. I’ll see what happens in November 😉

So that’s a brief summary of what I got up to, whilst my blog swung it’s slender legs, waiting for me to write something new and the middle of 2016 sped on. In the hope that I’ve caught someone’s attention, please come back again and again.