Counting my blessings!

Every year on the 31st of December I think a lot about the events of the months past and I count my blessings. I remember what I achieved, what I missed out on, I think on how much I gained in building up myself (not necessarily in materials), how much value I added to the lives of others and above all, I thank God.

2016 has been a great year!

I learned to love myself better, to stop and part myself on the back, reminding myself that ‘gurl, you’ve done really good’.

l learned to show my appreciation for the people I love; my husband and children and the beautiful people around me that blessed me with kind thoughts and words.

I learned to plan my time better and prioritise. Yes, with the never ending workload of motherhood and having a newborn and juggling with my responsibilities as ‘super woman’, I learned to place things in order of importance.

I learned to not be superwoman- to let my hair down, let the kids be kids, let them play and scatter the house. I’d always make them put things back in the right order afterward….hehe!

I constantly fall in love with my husband over and over again. It happened again in 2016. I learned to love him even more.

I spent more time with the kids. We got dirty in the mud, cut up papers, scattered the house, went nuts over nuts, encouraged one another….I love my babies to pieces.

I learned to speak my mind- a little. I learned to communicate better, speak up when I’m not satisfied and give kudos where it is due.

I picked up new hobbies that I enjoy and that make me happy. I learned to sew and garden and still practicing my French. My blog at was launched- hey I’m writing again.

May the new year be blessed!

I grew yet a deeper relationship with God- It still goes deeper and yet, there’s more  and more to learn from and about God.

I bore and brought forth a most beautiful beautiful child- Sammy! The highlight of my year!

….and now, here I am, 6 minutes to 2017, alive and well and so expectant of beautiful things for the new year. There may be challenges but, I know God is in control. Everything will be alright.

May 2017, bring joy and peace and fulfilment.

Happy New Year!

Published by Nono Okpala

There are two of us running this blog ( Myself, Nono and the ever confident 'village rambo'- Obiageliakunna Okpala (Oby). So, we are two different 'voices', two different mindsets (I 'fink') but the same physical appearance-ish. No, we are not twins. Hopefully our readers can tell us apart sometime in the future. I'll be writing more on the family, friendship and choices sections of this blog, Oby might chip in sometimes, but she will be taking on mostly the 'Village Rambo' section- click click click on the menu and see what she says. She is the joker, I'm the serious one who sticks a verse from Proverbs 6:10 over her bed stead whilst asleep (now you'll need to open the Bible to find out what the verse We hope you get to enjoy reading our rant. Catch us if you can :-)

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