To 2017- Cheers!

It’s amazing how this is the one and only post I’ve put up on Nono says… in 365 day.

This is a quick one as I have only 12 minutes before the great gates shut.

2017 has been full of blessings.

I started 2 new jobs (a personal promotion from one to the other) and I’m working on my side hustle at the moment 😉

We moved homes, yes me, hubby and the kids are in our very own house now.

Everyone in my family turned a new year….yayyyy!

Not sure anyone really reads my blog. It’s been a bit of a closed box in here because I’ve allowed it this way, but things will change now- watch 2018, Nono is out now.

Anyway, biko nu, if there’s anyone out there who finds this post somehow, tell me something about 2017 and have you got any particular plans or changes for 2018? Would love to hear from somebody….anybody. Happy New Year!

Nono out! (slowly dancing to Simisola’s ‘Complete me’)

Published by Nono Okpala

There are two of us running this blog ( Myself, Nono and the ever confident 'village rambo'- Obiageliakunna Okpala (Oby). So, we are two different 'voices', two different mindsets (I 'fink') but the same physical appearance-ish. No, we are not twins. Hopefully our readers can tell us apart sometime in the future. I'll be writing more on the family, friendship and choices sections of this blog, Oby might chip in sometimes, but she will be taking on mostly the 'Village Rambo' section- click click click on the menu and see what she says. She is the joker, I'm the serious one who sticks a verse from Proverbs 6:10 over her bed stead whilst asleep (now you'll need to open the Bible to find out what the verse We hope you get to enjoy reading our rant. Catch us if you can :-)

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