Side Hustle Story…How Far!

Starting a new business is like birthing a child. Watching it grow, crawl, learn to walk, fall, stand again, walk, soar…

My side hustle journey may have so far mirrored the early stages of child development and, ‘watta long haul’ it’s been.

Many times I’ve introduced myself saying, ‘I’m a Jack of all trade, proudly master of none’. As much as that intro may sound exciting to the ears, being that ‘jack of all trade’, has proved to have its draw backs, to me at least. Are there any other ‘Jacks of all trade’ out there?

So….everyone’s been waiting to hear about this side hustle ‘thing’ Nono has been on about for such a long time ehn….hahaaa! Well, here goes:

I thought to start off with something I enjoyed. I enjoy doing a lot of things. Trust me!

I love learning languages and of course improving on my languages. I decided to teach Igbo. Yep, my side hustle is based on this one skill I’ve had since I was about three. So, sometime in the Summer of 2018, Supu was born and on the 1st of June, I launched a Supu channel on YouTube.

This has been one of the highlights of my year amongst many other things.

Note, having a YouTube channel does not equate to having a side hustle. Of course a lot of people have thriving channels that contribute to making them a lot of money today, but it has taken hard work to grow to where they are now. For me this is just one avenue for getting myself heard and pushing Supu out there to the world. There’s still a lot to tell about Supu; what exactly does it mean, what problem am I solving in my chunk of the world with this? I ask myself these questions to keep me in check and focused on the goal to run a successful side hustle.

Ok, so this post was just to whet your appetite because it has been a looooong time.

There’s much more to come on this venture, so watch out…

K’odi nu!

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