Hey, my name is Nono Okpala. I’m a bit of a ‘jack-of-all-trade’ and unashamedly a master of none. Besides my day job as a research scientist, I love to write, I am an amateur portrait artist, I’m a good cook (sometimes), and I can jump start my car, all by me-self. I’m a sister, a daughter, a friend and a listener.  I am my hubby’s pally and lover (I’m a master in this one) and errm I’m a cool mum, my kids say so. I have now proudly joined the band wagon…..I am a blogger and very recently I became a minimalist although this is still a work in progress. The thing is, I love what I do.

Nono says… is supposed to be a platform for sharing life experiences and ideas. In my head, this space is a ‘happy place’, an escape from the madness and chaos of the world outside, without forgetting that there is a lot to be done to help make the world a better place. I hope to make you laugh, cry, learn, think and enjoy yourself. Thanks for coming around, now sit up or lie back, read and listen to what Nono has to say……k’odi nu!

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