How to Survive a Lock-down!

Surely you know what I mean! They say our children, yes the children of this era have made history. I nod in agreement as I read this opinion a third time in 4 weeks. In my head, ‘my own be say, make una shaa open school abegi’. I need the children back in school…sharp sharp!Continue reading “How to Survive a Lock-down!”

Side Hustle Story…How Far!

Starting a new business is like birthing a child. Watching it grow, crawl, learn to walk, fall, stand again, walk, soar… My side hustle journey may have so far mirrored the early stages of child development and, ‘watta long haul’ it’s been. Many times I’ve introduced myself saying, ‘I’m a Jack of all trade, proudlyContinue reading “Side Hustle Story…How Far!”

Along comes the two thousand and seventeen

Twenty sixteen began yesterday, now its all gone. Twenty seventeen has started with a bang, at least at my end, and like its big brother and sister years before, this too shall pass. Slowly, but steady, the minutes and hours will become days, then weeks, then months and eventually, the top end of the yearly circle willContinue reading “Along comes the two thousand and seventeen”

Carrots, Beans and Lettuce seeds

My first new found hobby, gardening, has gone really well. Since sowing our first seeds of carrots, green beans and lettuce, its been a great time of learning about seasons and how to prepare the soil, plant nursery and transplanting. Great! At the end of September we had our second harvest, a lot bigger thanContinue reading “Carrots, Beans and Lettuce seeds”

The truth of the matter…

I just can’t help but laugh in Igbo. Yes, I laugh at myself, for all the promises broken, all the hopes dashed, all the sleepless nights that I have invested nothing into, for all the ‘shoulda’, ‘woulda’, ‘coulda’s that have dotted the free times of my every days. I can clearly remember, all my enthusiasm in theContinue reading “The truth of the matter…”