Side Hustle…an idea!

I’ve been working on a lot of ideas since the start of the year. Well, filtering the ideas flowing through my head actually.

One of them involves setting up my side hustle. This has been a long time coming now. In July last year, I had a kind off brainwave whilst driving to work. I had had this particular one about 7 years before, and did nothing about it. Now, it came right back at me just as I’d stopped at a red light on Windsor road.

For a side hustle, I’ve always wanted to do something that will add value and knowledge to people’s lives, a sort of learning experience. This side hustle should do just that if executed properly…….I hope I can get through with it.

I think, this will be fun. Join me as I begin his journey. Over the next few blog posts, I’ll be sharing my idea and steps I take to getting it out there. Perhaps you might have a side  hustle idea you’d like to share too. 😉